FT86CLUB forum member Cjymiller shares this great first track day journal with us, recounting the first day driving his car home from the dealer, to the first time on the track with his BRZ.

The final 2013 sales figures are in for the 86 twins and they were a success by any traditional measurement.

The FR-S sold 18,327 units while the BRZ sold 8,587 units, for a total of 26,914 sold.

Compare this to the first full year sales of rivals cars – the 370Z sold 13,117 units in 2009 and the MX-5 Miata sold 16,897 units in 2006.

See INSIDE for the full 2013 sales breakdown.

FT86CLUB member shawrf1 will once again be attending the Tokyo Auto Salon and bringing to us more of his great photography.

He’s taking requests (in this thread), so if you have any particular cars or items you’d like to see photos of, make yourself heard!

Watch a turbocharged Toyota 86 take on a supercharged Honda S2000 at the traack.

No detailed info on either setup, but a fun watch regardless. Video after the jump.

Saturday January 4, 2014 17:30

Toyota 86 owner Ryan Lee recently transformed his car into a life size Lightning McQueen 86 for his 3 year old son Lucas. For those unaware, Lightning McQueen is the lead car character from the Cars animated motion picture.

“I actually thought my son would feel really cool if he rode Lightning McQueen to school,” said Lee. We know who should be getting the father-of-the-year award!

Friday January 3, 2014 14:30

Check out all the goodies for the Toyota 86 that the Japanese market gets in this JDM catalog of accessories and tuning parts for the 86.

Actor Idris Elba charts the origins and history of the underground racing scene in the USA and examines how a love of speed has shaped the cars of today. The Toyota 86 gets featured [watch videos].

The results are in! And here are your top 10 cars on FT86CLUB for 2013, as chosen by our members!