Tuesday February 18, 2014 13:00

Check out this turbocharged FR-S running an incredible 10.84 @ 128mph in the quarter mile [SEE VIDEO].

FBM stage 1 base kit
Upgraded FP custom Tubo
FBM 1000cc injectors and fuel pump
FBM RR con. rods and cp pistons
ARP head studs
ACT clutch kit
Snow performance meth kit
FBM/RPS ecutek tune

Check out this documentary [VIDEO] that chronicles the journey of Team VCMC FR-S to one of the world’s most renowned automotive racing spectacles, the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.

Thursday January 30, 2014 10:24

Richard Meaden of EVO Magazine compares the Toyota GT86 TRD against the BBR Mazda MX-5 on track at Blyton Park. Prepare to see some rather sideways action [VIDEO].

Tuesday January 28, 2014 10:00

Autocar pits three small sports cars against each other, including our beloved GT86. They ask: The new Alfa Romeo 4C has the right kind of credentials for a sports coupé, but can it really rival the indomitable and equivalently priced Porsche Cayman? Or how about the much cheaper, and less exotic, Toyota GT86?

Watch the video inside.

Recent testing of the Evasive Pikes Peak FR-S resulted in the fastest FR-S / BRZ time at Buttonwillow CW13. The car’s HKS Supercharger was de-tuned to 360whp for the run.   The driver was Robert Walker.

See the run on video inside.

This video is about the visionary Kazunori Yamauchi (Kaz) who, through creating Gran Turismo, caused a ripple in mainstream culture. Kaz sees a link between our enjoyment for cars and our evolution as humans. “The pleasure of hunting is… connected to driving, connected to racing …it is related to the male hunting instinct.”

This video is loaded with philosophical insights from people of diverse backgrounds who speak on their personal experiences. It also demonstrates how “race ready” Gran Turismo video gamers with no real world racing experience really are.

Skip to the 55:45 mark for the short BRZ sequence but also awe at the substance that the rest of this video has to offer.

From the presenters of the comical Regular Car Reviews series:

Save us FRS! Rescue me BRZ! I want a fun car like people had in the 1980′s! I want to come to terms with my love of women who “have something extra!” The FRS is a sports car’s Sports Car. Is this really the savior that every Gamer-tag is trumpeting it to be? Not really, it’s a muted sports car that won’t hurt you when it catches you trying give yourself a handy at at red light in Brownstown. [Video INSIDE]

Check out our gallery from the Tokyo Auto Salon 2014.

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