Friday December 20, 2013 12:30

Some new details and rumors on not only a FR-S / BRZ sedan, but a turbo version! Motortrend discusses [see report] the 86 sedan (development code: 734A). It’s rumored to be 87 inches long, 70 inches wide, 55.1 inches high, with a 108.2-inch wheelbase – about the same length as the Subaru Legacy.

As for the turbo engine, the report purports that Toyota will insist on a 2.0-liter turbo-boxer being bolted to a revised version of its tried and proven hybrid system, pumping out around 300 hp. In addition to a hybrid turbo powerplant, Toyota’s R&D department is currently testing in-wheel motors. Fitted at the front, they would make the four-door an all-wheel-drive sedan!

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Monday December 9, 2013 20:30

Photo gallery from the Paul Walker Roger Rodas Memorial Meet in Santa Clarita, CA.

Monday December 9, 2013 12:49

Part 1 of the GReddy Performance X Scion Racing Drift FR-S and Ken Gushi during the 2013 Formula Drift Pro Championship season [VIDEO].

Top Gear recently posted a pictorial ranking of what they think are the greatest 50 cars in the past 20 years. The 86 twins of course made the list!

Check out what rank # inside.

Professional driver Ryan Tuerck tests out the new mods on his Retaks/Maxxis Tire Scion 2JZ FR-S on a dream road in the scenic Northwest. With a new Garrett GT 4088 turbo tuned to 830HP, Ryan is feeling this new set up on the way up, the real test comes when fellow Formula Drift driver Rob Primo joins him in a tandem drift back down. Lean back and turn up the volume for this one [video]!

Seems that Jalopnik is as thankful for the 86 twins as much as we are.

If the world ever runs out of fuel, this GT86 which runs on ammonia (or gasoline) will keep on chugging.

The GT 86-R Marangoni Eco Explorer has been fitted with a special system that enables it to run both on gasoline or ammonia (NH3), which is stored in a separate tank. The system has been developed by Bigas International, a company focused on the use of alternative energy sources for more than 40 years. Read more after the jump.

Tuesday December 3, 2013 09:37

New imaginary look what an FR-S / 86 Sedan may look like, if it ever came to market.

Courtesy of Remco Meulendijk at RM Design.