Tuesday December 3, 2013 09:37

New imaginary look what an FR-S / 86 Sedan may look like, if it ever came to market.

Courtesy of Remco Meulendijk at RM Design.

At the recently concluded 2013 Tokyo Motor Show Nissan unveiled its FR-S/BRZ fighter, in concept form – the Nissan IDx Concept.

So, how does the IDx look against the FT-86 (concept form for the FR-S/BRZ)? Is it retro-cool or just plain old looking?

Have a look inside at more pics and share your thoughts.

Friday November 29, 2013 08:10

Toyota GT86 drivers got their heads together recently to organise the UK’s first national gathering for owners and fans of our award-winning rear-wheel drive sportscar.

Held in a central location in Walsall, West Midlands, owners came from far and wide to attend – one in particular from the Netherlands, while another pair drove 275 miles from Glasgow. The early start was no doubt a shock to the system for many used to enjoying a lie-in on a Saturday morning, but fuelled with coffee and enthusiasm the miles were despatched with relative ease. Many travelling in the same direction organised to meet at motorway service stations along the way, which usually led to the dramatic sight of a convoy of GT86s playing ‘follow the leader’ and ‘leapfrog’ to the destination.

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Tuesday November 26, 2013 16:36

Have a look at the first black chrome wrapped FR-S, a beautiful and unique look (more photos).

There is apparent strife between Toyota and Subaru on the viability and desire for a convertible version of the 86 twins. The rhetoric battle is heating up between the two companies as they have each made opposing public statements on the potential for an 86 convertible model.

In short, Toyota says yes, we want it because the 86 is already designed for it, while Subaru says no because it would require a complete redesign of the car’s architecture.

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Thursday November 21, 2013 21:54

The GPS Visualizer feature in GT6 can literally take real live driving data from the ECU of the Scion FR-S and download that data into the game to recreate your runs in the game.

Check out a demo of this system [Video]. Daijiro Yoshihara takes the car out to the tracks to see how real the game replay turns out.

Subaru has just unveiled the Cross Sport Design Concept at the 2013 Tokyo auto show and it is effectively a thinly veiled BRZ shooting brake model.

Preliminary details and pics inside [to be updated].

Monday November 18, 2013 19:02

A look under the hood at the only TRD Supercharged Scion FR-S in the world, owned by Ken Stout Racing.

The KSR FR-S competes in the Pirelli World Challenge Series GTS class. Race footage can also be found after the jump.