There’s a trifecta of FT-86 related news today! Autocar recently conducted a Q&A with the senior designer at ED2 (Toyota’s European design studios), from which new FT-86 photos were captured, redesign rumors dispeled (implicitly), and rumblings developed of the production FT-86 version possibly being shown at the 2010 Geneva Autoshow during the first week of March.

See the new photo set, Q&A, and related discussions HERE.

The Toyota FT-86 will be making its first appearance outside of Japan at the 2010 Geneva International Motor Show during the first week of March! We will be bringing you live coverage and pics from the event!

Monday February 15, 2010 14:39

Click here or the image below to download this new FT-86 wallpaper. We’ve made it available in multiple resolutions (including higher resolutions). Enjoy!

Publication Holiday Autos is reporting (discussions here) that the original FT-86 design we have seen at the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show and the 2010 Tokyo Auto Salon (based on designed by Toyota’s Europe Design Development ED²) has been passed up by Toyota in favor of the alternative design by Toyota’s North American design studio (Calty Design Research). Calty’s FT-86 version (which we’ve yet to see in person except for the sketch below from 7tune) has been picked over the ED² design and another design by Toyota’s Japanese design team (Toyota Technical Center).

Reportedly, the ED² design was rejected November of last year, the month following the original debut of the FT-86 at the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show. The selection then came down to the designs by Calty and Toyota Technical Center, with Calty’s design winning out.

It’s being reported that the basic elements of the FT-86 in its new form are all ready, with the exception of a few minor items which will be finalized in March. The new Calty designed FT-86 will have less aggressively carved and curved surfaces, will feature increased overhangs (boo!), and have a higher front fascia (in all likelihood to meet current pedestrian safety requirements. Wheelbase and physical dimensions have not changed. As for the Subaru version of the FT-86, it will not differ from the Toyota version as much as previously reported. Expect only badge and option differences.

We’re not sure what to make of this rumor yet as we absolutely adore the FT-86 design that we have all seen in the two Tokyo car shows. The FT-86 design has been an absolute hit and it would take another knockout design to match its sharp, unique, and emotional design. However, do keep in mind that Calty was the studio responsible for the stunning FT-HS concept, so we will reserve judgment for the new FT-86 design (if there indeed is one) until we see it! There may be hope yet.

Discuss these developments with us HERE.

As discussed HERE, Jim Lentz, the President and Chief Operating Officer of Toyota Motor Sales USA was recently interviewed regarding the return of a Toyota sports car to the North American market. In the interview, Mr. Lentz is asked “It has been years since Toyota had a sports car (Supra) available for sale in North America. Are there any plans to bring back the Supra or come out with a new affordable sports car?

The answer Mr. Lentz provides is that the Supra will not be coming back (so we now know the FT-86 won’t be called the “Supra”), but the FT-86 will be coming to market sometime in the near future (including in North America since the question was asked regarding the N. American market)! See the clip below and share comments HERE.

Monday February 8, 2010 11:18

You may not yet be able to purchase a life sized Toyota FT-86 (heck, the production car isn’t even yet revealed), but fans of the concept version can now pick up a scale model version of the original red FT-86 concept car. KIDBOX CAM is now offering this 1/43 scale resin model of the 2009 FT-86 concept car, which looks to be pretty accurate to the real thing.

It’s pricey at approximately $70 USD (ships from Japan), but may be totally worth the price if we can open the hood for some confirmation on what engine lies underneath! DETAILS HERE.

So, where has the original red FT-86 Concept and the FT-86 G-sport Concept cars gone after their respective showings at the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show and the 2010 Tokyo Auto Salon? It seems that Toyota has not only kept them within the country (c’mon Toyota, can you please lend them to your North American division already?!), but have kept them within its own showcase buildings. The original red FT-86 Concept is currently being displayed with a red Corolla AE86 at the Toyota Mega Web showcase building (PICS HERE), and the FT-86 Gs Concept is being kept at the Toyota Amlux display building with a TofuTen AE86 (from Initial D) (PICS HERE). Both sites are open to the general public so if you’re lucky enough to be in Tokyo, make sure to check them out!

We can only hope that one of these two FT-86′s next stops will be somewhere across the Pacific! (Hello, Toyota?)

The Toyota FT-86 concept cars have become the darlings of the Japanese automotive press – specifically, in the Japanese tuner car magazines. As seen HERE, both the regular concept FT-86 and the Supercharged FT-86 G-sport Concept have graced numerous auto enthusiast publications since their respective debuts.

Impressively, the FT-86 G Sport Concept car even graces the pages of the 2010 Tokyo Auto Salon Official Book as the headline car on the cover! Stay tuned to this thread as our members scan and share the latest magazine covers and articles featuring the FT-86!