Monday October 19, 2009 17:53

Forum member goddardca has put together the first rendered speculations of what a Toyota FT-86 may look like in convertible form… and we love it! The low slung sloping roofline on the concept lends itself very easily to a sleek looking convertible. We dare even say that the rendered version has a certain look of an exotic to it. While it’s way too early to speculate as to a convertible version of the FT-86 coupe, it’s nevertheless fun! See all the other colored FT-86 Convertibles here.

Here’s the first ever video of the Toyota-Subaru 086a test mule in testing at the Nubrugring. Sporting heavy camoflage, it’s difficult to tell exactly what the prototype looks like underneath, and even if we could, there’s no telling that what’s underneath is a final form. And since Toyota has already released images of its version of the 086a platform car (the FT-86), this is likely the Subaru version of the 086a.

We bring you this new set of shots from a studio showing of the Toyota FT-86, featuring some great closeups of various interior details. We particular like the closeups of the mega futuristic dashboard and gauges which clearly shows the Fuji Raceway map as well as the neat built-in lap timer. Also showing clearly now is the tricked out gas level and engine temperature meters which glow as backlights in the dash’s shroud. The full set of photos can be found HERE. Enjoy!

Tuesday October 13, 2009 11:02

The regular Subaru 086A is expected to use Subaru’s EJ20 flat 4 boxer engine with D4-S direct/port injection, Aisin 6 speed tranny, and Lexus IS rear differential. Projected power has been anywhere from 160ps to 200ps.

Holiday Auto (via 7tune) now reports that the Subaru 086A STi Version will use the EJ25 2.5L engine which produces 240-250ps. An EJ25 turbo may also be in consideration. Any Subaru 086A STi model will receive wider fenders all around to accomodate beefier tires/wheels.

No timing has been confirmed yet, but the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show or 2012 Tokyo Auto Salon may be good guesses.

You can follow our Subaru 086A STi discussions HERE.

Mark your calendars! Toyota has announced that the Toyota FT-86 Concept will be unveiled at the Toyota Metapolis site on October 23, 2009, a day before the general public viewing dates start at the Tokyo Motor Show!

For those of you not familiar, Toyota Metapolis is a virtual city created by Toyota for visitors to learn about Toyota’s newest products, concepts, and events. The virtual city even has residential areas, museums showcasing Toyota prototypes, a shopping center, and an event hall (perhaps where the FT-86 unveiling will take place) that can host up to 1000 avatars.

At the FT-86 unveiling on Oct. 23, visitors will be able to tune into a virtual unveiling, followed by an opinion exchange session. Toyota will be logging the opinions by visitors so be sure to make your opinions heard as they may be taken into account with respect to the car’s final production design. Games and quizzes will also take place and visitors may complete a survey in return for a gift.

Thanks for tip Kenji!

Fans of the new FT-86 have been abuzz discussing the physical aspects of the car.  Toyota has chosen to market the car as a successor to the legendary AE-86, which was known for its agility and nimbleness.  Naturally, any car that is being tauted as being related to the AE-86 needs to be agile and nimble in its own right.  One can then see why physical dimensions and weight of the FT-86 matters so much to its fans.  Unfortunately, Toyota has not yet released the weight of the FT-86 concept, but a helpful member of our forum has put together this comparison of the FT-86′s physical dimensions compared to potential competitor cars, such as the Genesis Coupe, Civic coupe, S2000, and Scion tC.


Length: 163.78 inches / Width: 69.29 inches / Height: 48.19 inches / Wheelbase: 101.18 inches

Genesis coupe:

Length: 182.3 inches / Width: 73.4 inches / Height: 54.5 / Wheelbase: 111 inches

Civic coupe:

Length: 175.5 inches / Width: 68.9 inches / Height: 55 inches / Wheelbase: 104.3 inches

Scion tC coupe:
Length: 174 inches / Width: 69.1 inches / Height: 55.7 inches / Wheelbase: 106.3 inches

Length: 162.7 inches / Width: 68.9 inches / Height: 50 inches / Wheelbase: 94.5 inches
Weight: 2809lbs

The FT-86 is practically smaller in all dimensions, which hopefully signals Toyota’s recognition that for the FT86 to be a successful successor to the AE86, its handling and feel must be at the top of the list of the car’s strengths and appeal.

Wednesday October 7, 2009 09:25

The Toyota FT-86 Concept was announced this morning by Toyota, as a preview ahead of its 2009 Tokyo Auto Show public debut!!  Toyota’s concept version of the long-rumored Toyota / Subaru joint project is being called the FT-86 and is an obvious homage to the legendary Toyota AE-86 Corolla sports car.  Though full details and specs of the FT-86 have not yet been released, here’s the official information we do have so far from Toyota:


Length: 163.78 inches
Width: 69.29 inches
Wheelbase: 101.18 inches

Powertrain / Drivetrain:

Subaru-derived 2.0L boxer

Other Info:

- Designed by Toyota’s ED2 styling studio in France.
- Concept version to make public debut at 2009 Tokyo Motor Show.
- Production model to be shown in 2010.
- Sales expected to begin in late 2011.
- The concept car’s color is called “Shoujyouhi Red” – the traditional red color of a Japanese monkey’s backside.
- Chief engineer: Tetsuya Tada

Official FT-86 specs and info will be constantly updated in this thread, so make sure to check back often.