Tuesday February 9, 2010 09:47

Toyota FT-86 coming to North American market! Confirmed by President & COO of Toyota Motor Sales USA

As discussed HERE, Jim Lentz, the President and Chief Operating Officer of Toyota Motor Sales USA was recently interviewed regarding the return of a Toyota sports car to the North American market. In the interview, Mr. Lentz is asked “It has been years since Toyota had a sports car (Supra) available for sale in North America. Are there any plans to bring back the Supra or come out with a new affordable sports car?

The answer Mr. Lentz provides is that the Supra will not be coming back (so we now know the FT-86 won’t be called the “Supra”), but the FT-86 will be coming to market sometime in the near future (including in North America since the question was asked regarding the N. American market)! See the clip below and share comments HERE.