Finding out this car’s official specs alone would have made this entire week, but why stop there 🙂

The FR-S / FT-86 colors, instruments, and center console have now been revealed in these new images. The available colors listed in the official catalog are:

Satin White Pearl
Sterling Silver Metallic
Dark Grey Metallic
Crystal Black Silica
Lightening Red
Orange Metallic
Galaxy Blue Silica

See INSIDE for a look/preview at these colors, as well as a clear look at the instruments and center console.

Here it is folks official specs for the Scion FR-S / Subaru BRZ ahead of their debut at the Tokyo Motor Show next month!

These are from a Toyota training manual and show all the important physical, performance, and technical specs, as well as standard and optional factory equipment and options. We’ll have the full document translated soon, but for now, the most relevant specs are translated INSIDE.

Enjoy =)

The reveal fun continues through the weekend. Here’s the best look yet at the FR-S / FT-86 / BRZ interior, featuring a partially revealed look at the dash and center console. Some things of note:

– “86” logo in the steering wheel insert
– Carbon fiber trim on dash
– Traction control is the third button below the shifter (previously hard to see on the leaked Modellista images)
– Digital speedometer readout
– Gear indicator below speedometer

Viewed together with the leaked interior photos of the Modellista model (also referenced in the thread), it’s not difficult to imagine what the final interior will look like. And it’s just the way we like it – utilitarian, with the focus on the driving experience.

Click through image below for a hi-res look:

It’s been a whirlwind 48 hours filled with all sorts of AS1 (project code for FR-S, FT-86, and BRZ) goodies! First came the reveal of the Modellista version, which was followed up by the first drive reviews.

And now we share with you the first ever look at the standard version of the FR-S / FT-86! This shows what the regular (non-tuner) version of Toyota’s version of the AS1 will look like in standard form, as well as the optional factory aero kits that will be available for the car.

Catch all the new images (translated) INSIDE.

It appears that a press embargo on Toyota FT-86 prototype drive reviews has been lifted today. First it was CAR Magazine’s review, and now Autocar comes in with its own review.

Autocar’s impressions are even more glowing than CAR Magazines. Among other positive things they have to say, they felt that it’s:

“As much fun as you’d hope.”

“it feels light and compact, a bit like an MX-5″… “The driving position is low, straight and snug, with grippy front seats”

“the FT-86 feels quite deftly set-up, light on its feet, with a touch of tyre roar that’s to be expected.”

“The great thing about the FT-86 though is, as promised, it really handles. It lets you choose how you want to corner. Add any amount of power and it’ll turn at least neutral.”

Catch the rest of Autocar’s review INSIDE.

The first ever professional driving review of the Toyota FT-86 review is in, courtesy of CAR Magazine [review inside]. And although it’s simply a prototype mule they’ve driven, the feedback and experience is nevertheless telling.

Our favorite parts of the review include:

“The driving position is excellent.”

“It’s great fun. There’s fantastic throttle response, quick, well weighted steering and a nice firm brake pedal. Add little inputs to the steering when you’re driving in a straight line at speed and the front end darts immediately – no slop, no roll, it’s just 100% obedient and alert.”

“It responds well to a really aggressive driving style…. This made it laughably sideways in second gear, the back end stepping out with relatively mild – and sometimes almost no – provocation. For the average driver, this makes exploring the limits far easier than in anything else currently on sale.”

“The Toyota FT-86 is great news for enthusiasts: it’s affordable, frugal and relatively practical.”

“this is a great car, and one that trounces its closest rival, the Mazda MX-5, in the fun stakes”


Are we looking at the production Toyota FT-86 design in these images from a scanned brochure? Seems so, considering these images are from a Modellista brochure. Modellista is Toyota’s in-house tuning arm which develops aero kits and other add-on goodies.

The brochure mentions no technical details of the production car, but shows plenty of the exterior and interior. If these are indeed actual images of the production FT-86, call us smitten! Check out larger resolution images !

Here’s some new extended video footage of the Toyota FT-86 racing in the recent VLN race at the Nurburgring. The FT-86’s sounds are mostly drowned out by other louder competitors, but there are some great shots of the engine bay.

Check out the VIDEO INSIDE.