Monday October 12, 2009 10:00

FT-86 Concept to be unveiled at Toyota Metapolis on October 23, 2009

Mark your calendars! Toyota has announced that the Toyota FT-86 Concept will be unveiled at the Toyota Metapolis site on October 23, 2009, a day before the general public viewing dates start at the Tokyo Motor Show!

For those of you not familiar, Toyota Metapolis is a virtual city created by Toyota for visitors to learn about Toyota’s newest products, concepts, and events. The virtual city even has residential areas, museums showcasing Toyota prototypes, a shopping center, and an event hall (perhaps where the FT-86 unveiling will take place) that can host up to 1000 avatars.

At the FT-86 unveiling on Oct. 23, visitors will be able to tune into a virtual unveiling, followed by an opinion exchange session. Toyota will be logging the opinions by visitors so be sure to make your opinions heard as they may be taken into account with respect to the car’s final production design. Games and quizzes will also take place and visitors may complete a survey in return for a gift.

Thanks for tip Kenji!