Monday January 18, 2010 21:22

FT-86 to debut new Toyota GPS-track day technology

One bit of FT-86 technology news that came out of the 2010 Tokyo Auto Salon where the FT-86 G Sport Concept was unveiled with a “Toyota GPS track day unit” that is set to debut with the production Toyota FT-86 sports coupe. The technology was co-developed with the creators of the Gran Turismo franchise and Denso. The GPS unit was tested in a fully race prepped Lexus IS-F at the Nurburgring last year.

The GPS Track Day feature will allow the driver of an FT-86 to drive a real track, such as Fuji Speedway (as pictured in photo of dashboard above) or the Nurburgring, then remove a memory card from the car, plug it into a Playstation unit and either “”watch” your lap virtually or race against yourself, as your real car appears as the “ghost car” that you battle against.”

Read HERE for full details of this technology and for DISCUSSIONS.