Monday January 11, 2010 14:36

Toyota FT-86 concept impresses Mr. K, father of the Nissan Z

Autocar’s Japanese correspondent Peter Nunn recently spent some time with the creator of the original Nissan Z-car – the Datsun 240Z – Yutaka Katayama. Of the current Nissan 370z, Katayama was initially a fan of the car, but felt it was overly complicated. “Two hundred years ago we were riding horses, but we’ve lost that feeling of uncomplicated freedom nowadays,” said Katayama. “A horse has no tachometer or whatever, but man can still control the speed and enjoy riding the horse. Keep it simple – that’s the way it should be.”

While bemoaning the price and overcomplexity of the new 370z, Katayama described what ideal modern Z-car would be.

“To Mr K, the Z-car should be simpler – styled like a thoroughbred, but with a price accessible to young people,” says Nunn. “It should offer the same kind of character and involvement that you can get from a Mazda MX-5, or even a Caterham.”

Katayama has been impressed with the Toyota FT-86 concept, which he saw at the Tokyo motor show. A Subaru-engined, rear-drive coupe “is something like a new Zed should be”, he said.

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