Thursday February 4, 2010 23:02

Update on original FT-86 Concept and FT-86 G-sport Concept’s current locations

So, where has the original red FT-86 Concept and the FT-86 G-sport Concept cars gone after their respective showings at the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show and the 2010 Tokyo Auto Salon? It seems that Toyota has not only kept them within the country (c’mon Toyota, can you please lend them to your North American division already?!), but have kept them within its own showcase buildings. The original red FT-86 Concept is currently being displayed with a red Corolla AE86 at the Toyota Mega Web showcase building (PICS HERE), and the FT-86 Gs Concept is being kept at the Toyota Amlux display building with a TofuTen AE86 (from Initial D) (PICS HERE). Both sites are open to the general public so if you’re lucky enough to be in Tokyo, make sure to check them out!

We can only hope that one of these two FT-86′s next stops will be somewhere across the Pacific! (Hello, Toyota?)