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Old 12-24-2014, 04:40 PM   #1
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Prime Motoring's 1000whp RB26 + AWD FRS?

This is a project of ours we have kept under wraps since the beginning of October. I loved the way the car turned out. Forward facing kit was super fast to spool, 420whp, lightweight and fun. I was planning on building the FA20 for 700+ and doing a T56 swap but my mind kept swaying.

I hated the uncertainty of the FA20 motor beyond 500hp and also HATED my trans options because I really like the way the stock 6speed shifted and the way the car drove. But I wanted more....way more. So 2jz was decided upon.

The original intentions of this build was for a 1000whp+ 2jz FRS intended for roll racing. My goal was to take the car to Texas 2k15 or Texas Invitational next year and compete, not keep up but compete with fast cars. I knew it would not hang with the lambos and gtr's down there but the ability to scare some other big toys would be great and fun. I purchased the mount kit for the 2jz, the 2jz itself, the v160 etc etc etc.

Until plans changed drastically. Having acquired a fully built 900+whp RB26 and drivetrain someone laughed at the idea of swapping the entire drivetrain including the Attessa AWD system from the Skyline to the FRS. We said "what the hell" lets test fit it in there and see what happens.

Well it fit, and fit surprisingly well. We were in business. I apologize for the crappy pics before hand because this was not intended to be a documented build but as we have gone along, I have noticed more and more people mention the RB thing so I felt pressured to post because we are MUCH further along than the pictures entail.

Test fitment:

This motor is already built to handle 900+ and we fully intend to make over 1000 horsepower. Garrett GT4294r would take care of pushing air. Knowing we would need just a bit more to get to our goals though, the turbo was sent to Forced Performance to be upgraded to their HTA4505 and 76mm Billet Wheel.

Here it is compared to my 6766 and HTA3586 before it was sent out.

HKS GT II 60mm Wastegate came in to help regulate the 40+psi we are planning on running effectively

Axles were made and mocked up before being sent to DSS to get beefed up. Waiting on those to return now. Should have more updates after Christmas.

Before everyone asks how we got the four wheel drive to work. Let me just say it involved A LOT of cutting and welding. The center diff and propshaft require a nice piece of passenger side floor to be trimmed. Subframe had to be boxed out and modified to make the axles clear with enough room to allow them to move when cornering. Custom coilovers were made along with hubs and wheel bearings.

Here you will see the Axles Mounted:

Again sorry for crappy pics. Once everything is back from DSS and also parts from ceramic/powdercoating I will sure to update with better pics.

Everything comes out and cutting/fabbing begins on motor, trans and rear diff mounts. With a custom adapter we were able to make the rear skyline differential bolt right up to the stock rear subframe.

The Axle Exchange in locally in Fairfield NJ made me a custom aluminum driveshaft capable of holding over 1200hp.

We are not using any premade harnesses. We will be completely custom wiring the entire vehicle for the RB26 with AEM V2 ECU. This is from last month though. The new harness is finished and waiting for the motor to be put back in before getting wired up and integrated with the chassis harness.

In terms of the engine bay, we decided to keep everything super clean and simple. No fusebox, brake booster and make sure as much wiring as possible is tucked away.

Also I do not like the fully shaven look of the engine bay but we did fill in some holes and smooth out some things. OEM+ if you will.

That is all I have currently for you guys. Like i mentioned before, these pictures really do not do justice on how far along we actually are with the car and currently just waiting for the axles to be back from DSS as well as all the engine parts to be back from powder/ceramic to assemble accesories back together and show you the complete motor inside the car.

Once that is finished, it is up to fab work. The exhaust manifold is already made but I did not grab a pic before I sent it to powder so again, once I have that back youll be able to see the turbo mounted and how it sits in the engine bay.

Exhaust and wastegate dump will be routed through the driver side fender FYI. More update to follow after the Christmas holiday.

Happy Holidays to you all.

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So elite I'm 1338
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Impressive. Now I know there are people with too much time and too much money on their hands.

Keep the good work!
Like I told my last wife, I says, "Honey, I never drive faster than I can see. Besides that, it's all in the reflexes."
-Jack Burton
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That's amazing... cant wait to see it all done!
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Old 12-24-2014, 06:52 PM   #4
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Well...... fuck

You know what they say... pick two: cheap, fast, reliable.
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Subbed. Holy fuck
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Oh my!
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Old 12-25-2014, 04:37 AM   #8
Floggin Tires
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# 1. Always know where your towel is.
ZC6-CBS, is home
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Well shit u stole my idea lol
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Living the dream in a nightmare.
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Jesus, that's some high level shit. Keep up the good work. Love that blue label too. I'm stuck with red and black.

Sent from my LG-P769 using Tapatalk
There is no great genius without a mixture of madness - Aristotle
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My FR-S has 5 gears
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Well I'm still here... havent changed my shitty underwear since last weekend
Omar GC

2JZ - 6870 - stock block - 1000whp?

Instagram: 2jzus
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Nice build man! It will be wicked with AWD! Let me know if you make it to TX2K15. It is definitely going to be interesting this event!
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