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10 Year Mark

I know we're all excited about the upcoming Frankfurt Show and potentially new information released about the FTS/BRZ, but I thought it'd be nice to just take a moment to remember what happened on 9/11 ten years ago and to thank our military members for their dedication and hard work protecting our country (the US).

Where were you when it happened?

I was starting my junior year of high school and I remember dreaming about planes flying into buildings the morning it happened, but then realized that I was dreaming it because I was listening to the radio in my sleep. It all seemed so unreal. Very sad day.

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i was in the sixth grade living in alaska and my mom said i couldnt go to school cause someone crashed 2 air planes into the twin towers and on into the pentagon
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It was my day off work, so I woke up and plopped down on the couch and flipped the TV on only a couple minutes before the second plane hit. Then I called the other members of my family who were at work and asked if they had heard what was going on.
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I was 4 and at Kindergarden... my dad was there a week ago and he was supposed to be there at the time but he had something to do so he didn't go (He was a tour guide at the time). We still have I think 4-6 tickets for WTCC though, those blue ones that cost $13.50 adult.
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I was a senior in high school sitting in Mr Benson's American History class watching it happen live on TV. It was surreal.
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I was in an algebra class freshmen year of high school.
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Was in 6th grade when it all happened. I kept wondering why all my Cartoons were freaking missing and these images of buildings collapsing kept reappearing on each channel. lol
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i was 14 waking up in the morning to go to school. i walked downsatirs to my mum sitting on the couch mouth open and when i saw one tower burning i was like wtfff, then i saw the second plane hit, man it was soo weird and i asked my mum if it was live and she said yea, i think it was like 7:30am down here, man i couldnt believe it.
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Allch Chcar
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I remember it vividly. I was 13 and at home. We got a call from my dad at work and so we turned the television on. We were just in time to watch the second plane hit...
-Allch Chcar

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I was 11 years old at the time so i dont recall much.
But i remember my mother waking me up at 6:30ish to get ready for school and told me that 2planes had crashed into the twin towers in New York. I thought they were misguided accidents and didnt believe they were attacks because i was young and naive, but later on that day i remember watching the Presidents speech talking about the incident and my parents explaining it to me.

Hopefully one day ill be able to go to New York and pay my respects to those lost in the towers and Pentagon.

My Love and Thoughts go out to the families who lost a loved one that day.
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Damn I'm old.

Anyways I was at work when the second plane hit. Driving to work when the first hit listenng to cds so I had no idea it was happening until I got to work.
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I was in 8th grade, in orchestra class when we heard about it. They didnt let us see anything because we were still considered too young. My orchestra mate's uncle was in one of the towers, he didn't make it out alive. Only live a couple hours away, alot of the firemen in my town and surrounding towns went down to help for weeks.
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I was 12, did not go to school that day, and watched TV. Then suddenly my program was interuppted by the videos of the twin towers in fire. I called my mum.
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