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DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Guides For all DIYs.

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Old 11-11-2016, 10:55 PM   #1
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Heated Mirror DIY

Here is the DIY for installing heated mirrors. I used aftermarket mirror glass, but you can adapt these to use if you buy complete mirror assemblies to. It took about 2 hours to do the second side.

I am not responsible for any damage you cause doing this.

Name:  wiring diagram.png
Views: 7392
Size:  135.5 KB

Parts(for both sides):
Rexpeed or other mirrors(Rexpeed did not sponsor this)
6 x Sumitomo 8240-4422 090-3 multilock terminal unsealed (I think AMP 368084-1 090-3 receptical will work)
2 x AMP 353537-2 040-3 tab
4 x AMP 316836-1 040-3 receptical
Wire: I used 18 awg high abrasion resistance going to the door because it is exposed. I think 22 awg is what the existing harness is
Heat shrink
electrical tape.
Subaru Relay 82501AG041

flat head screw drivers.
swedge or trip removal tools.
#3 phillips screw driver or socket
Wire Stripper
Name:  IMG_20161111_091612.jpg
Views: 3829
Size:  110.3 KB
Fish Tape

  1. Roll down the window and disconnect the battery.
  2. Remove Mirror Bolt Cover: with flat screw driver pull out from the top.Name:  bolt cover.jpg
Views: 3873
Size:  81.4 KB
  3. Remove Handle Silver Trip: Pry up with screw driver(there is a whole underneath, then fold up.
    Name:  door handle.jpg
Views: 3855
Size:  187.2 KBName:  door handle 2.jpg
Views: 3860
Size:  158.0 KB
  4. Remove Footwell Wire Cover: remove 1 plastic pop rivet, then pull up the rocker cover and pull cover towards rear of the car to unlock it. Put the rocker cover back.
    Name:  footwell.jpg
Views: 3812
Size:  191.1 KBName:  rocker.jpg
Views: 3810
Size:  146.3 KB
  5. Open the screw cover by the lock
  6. Remove Screw in Door handle and, and by the lock (3 total), and the plastic rivet at the top right of the panel.
    Name:  screws.jpg
Views: 3741
Size:  78.5 KB
  7. Starting near the hinge and working down and around: Pull the door card out. You will hear pops as you move around, stop when the door can pivot at the top.
    Name:  door card.jpg
Views: 3792
Size:  184.3 KB
  8. Swing the panel out,and then slide up.
  9. Hold mid air and remove the door latch and lock cable. Pull out the plastic, then move the ball up.
    Name:  lock cable.jpg
Views: 3780
Size:  225.8 KB
  10. Disconnect the electrical connectors, they have a latch that needs to be pushed down with a screw driver.
    Name:  elecrical connectors.jpg
Views: 3794
Size:  148.8 KB
  11. Go put the door card somewhere, check to see if any black rings were left on the door, if so take them off and put them on the door card white rivets so you don't loose them.
    Name:  o-ring.jpg
Views: 3782
Size:  187.7 KB
  12. Disconnect the mirror electrical connector (above the speaker)
    Name:  mirror connector.jpg
Views: 3783
Size:  205.8 KB
  13. Pull the plastic back and unclip the mirror cable.
    Name:  plastic removed.jpg
Views: 3808
Size:  196.8 KB
  14. Remove the 3 mirror screws. The rubber pins will hold it in place.
    Name:  screws.jpg
Views: 3741
Size:  78.5 KB
  15. Pull the mirror assembly off and pull the cable through. This is tricky.
  16. Set the mirror aside.
  17. Disconnect the two white connectors in the footwell above the passageway. They have latches, but don't need a screwdriver.
    Name:  footwell disconnected.jpg
Views: 3732
Size:  130.8 KB
  18. In the door, behind the plastic carefully cut the electrical tape holding the rubber cable way to the white bracket the mirror cable went through (be very careful not to damage the cable way or wires.
    Name:  harness detached.jpg
Views: 3763
Size:  134.5 KB
  19. Pry out the plastic piece. I used a tiny screw driver from the front.
    Name:  harness holder.jpg
Views: 3694
Size:  49.0 KB
  20. Carefully cut /unwrap the cable way until you get to the wires.
    Name:  harness open.jpg
Views: 3740
Size:  103.7 KB
  21. Inside the door push the boot of the cable way out.Name:  dislodge boot.jpg
Views: 3695
Size:  75.9 KB
  22. Feed the fish tape from the footwell. You can use some dry lubricant(talc, etc) to make it easier.
    Name:  fish 1.jpg
Views: 3746
Size:  135.2 KB
  23. When properly inserted it will bulge out the rubber cable way between the body and the door. Don't force it, use you hand to give it a straight path.
    Name:  fish 2.jpg
Views: 3662
Size:  48.2 KB
  24. When you can feel it past the boot, put it back in the door.
    Name:  wire 3.jpg
Views: 3684
Size:  72.3 KB
  25. When it emerges put the wire through the eye. You can run additional wires for turn signals if your new mirrors have them.
    Name:  fish 3.jpg
Views: 3696
Size:  116.7 KBName:  fish 4.jpg
Views: 3657
Size:  66.0 KB
  26. Pull the fish tape back out from the footwell.
    Name:  fish 5.jpg
Views: 3730
Size:  107.4 KB
  27. Cut off the wire at the eye(it is bent and useless).
  28. Use a small flathead to take the latch off the door harness to mirror connector.
    Name:  connector 1.jpg
Views: 3663
Size:  66.3 KB
  29. It slides back then comes off.
    Name:  connector 2.jpg
Views: 3634
Size:  65.9 KB
  30. Strip back some of the heater wire.
  31. Crimp a 040 pin on the end of the new heater wire. I had to pull a few stands off the 18 awg wire and take off extra casing because the pin would not fit around the extra thick casing. The wire should go past the wire crimp point.
    Name:  pin.jpg
Views: 3659
Size:  63.4 KB
  32. Insert the pin with the crimps facing out into pin 4(double check this if you get a mirror assembly. You may need to give the casing crimp an extra pinch to get it in.
    Name:  connector 3.jpg
Views: 3656
Size:  73.9 KB
  33. Put the clip back on the connector, using it to push the pin the rest of the way in.
    Name:  connector 4.jpg
Views: 3668
Size:  91.7 KB
  34. You could cut electrical tap and run the wire in the plastic, but I used abrasion resistant so I just taped it along the way, pulling excess to the footwell.
    Name:  wire 1.jpg
Views: 3610
Size:  44.7 KB
  35. Tape the rubber cable way up completely, then tape it to the cable holder.
    Name:  wire 2.jpg
Views: 3679
Size:  106.4 KB
  36. Make sure the rubber boot is in the door.
  37. Clip on the cable retainer.
    Name:  wire 4.jpg
Views: 3658
Size:  130.1 KB
  38. If you bought a new mirror assembly skip to installing it.
  39. Pull the mirror glass off from the bottom.
  40. Carefully remove the mirror cover. Good luck I cracked one.
    Name:  cover 1.jpg
Views: 3661
Size:  142.8 KBName:  cover 2.jpg
Views: 3709
Size:  83.2 KB
  41. Untape the mirror cable at the end and at the boot.
    Name:  untape 1.jpg
Views: 3700
Size:  76.5 KBName:  untape 2.jpg
Views: 3639
Size:  135.8 KB
  42. Slide the boot down and the the cable way up.Name:  cover 3.jpg
Views: 3570
Size:  84.1 KB
  43. Untape the top of the cable.
  44. Feed 2 new wires through the cable way, I just slid them through. You may want to use different colors so you know what is ground if you make any more mods.
    Name:  feed 1.jpg
Views: 3642
Size:  63.3 KBName:  feed 2.jpg
Views: 3640
Size:  59.3 KB
  45. Crimp a 040-3 receptical on each wire, open both sides of the connector like before and insert them. Pin 4 is power and pin 10 is ground (opposite sides, but the same column)
    Name:  wire 1.jpg
Views: 3610
Size:  44.7 KB
  46. Put the clips back on.
  47. Tape by the connector, and inside the mirror housing.
    Name:  tape1.jpg
Views: 3621
Size:  53.1 KBName:  tape2.jpg
Views: 3610
Size:  72.5 KB
  48. Run the wires behind the moving mechanism, and through a handy clip above the mechanism. ,I'm guessing it is for these.Name:  route1.jpg
Views: 3589
Size:  110.9 KBName:  route2.jpg
Views: 3611
Size:  79.7 KB
  49. Add them to the clip inside the housing.
    Name:  route3.jpg
Views: 3627
Size:  114.8 KB
  50. Rout them to the side, and cut to length.
  51. Clip 090-3 receipticals to the wires, they at least fit on rexpeed mirros.
    Name:  connect1.jpg
Views: 3642
Size:  96.5 KB
  52. Heat shrink the recepticals for safety.
    Name:  connect2.jpg
Views: 3619
Size:  40.3 KB
  53. Attach them to the mirror tabs, it doesn't matter which way.
    Name:  connect3.jpg
Views: 3611
Size:  105.0 KB
  54. Install the mirror.
  55. Set the cableway so it barely peaks into the housing, and visually check the mirror clip.
  56. Move the boot into place, and take it to the cable way, then put the cover on.
  57. Install the mirror: Feed the cable in, then insert the pins.
  58. Put the screws in and tighten them down.
  59. Put the lower cover on.
  60. Put the mirror cable through the cable bracket, and through the plastic.
    Name:  install1.jpg
Views: 3596
Size:  147.9 KB
  61. Plug it in.
    Name:  install2.jpg
Views: 3591
Size:  188.3 KB
  62. Re-stick the pastic to the door.
  63. Attach the electrical connector and lock cables to the door card.
  64. Slide the card over the top.
  65. Press down around it to secure the clips.
  66. Put the 3 screws in, then the plastic rivet, and install the handle.
  67. Cut the wire in the Footwell to length, and Crimp on a 090-3 Receptical.
    Name:  footwell crimp.jpg
Views: 3563
Size:  50.3 KB
  68. Simply slide the wire into the back of the connector, Pin 8.
    Name:  connector.PNG
Views: 3332
Size:  4.2 KB
  69. Connect the connectors in the footwell
    Name:  connect.jpg
Views: 3604
Size:  137.8 KB
  70. Reinstall the footwell cover, and install the relay under the hood.
  71. In the fuse box under the hood install the relay
    Name:  HeatedMirrorRelayBRZ.jpg
Views: 4300
Size:  68.5 KB
  72. Connect the batter and enjoy.
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I think this should cover it pretty well, if you guys have any questions let me know.
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Good write up for the non keyless entry FR-S. Thank you for taking what I started with on my 10 series and making it easy for everyone else.

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might be a stupid question, but could i just buy the door wiring harness from the models equipped with the heated mirrors and just replace the one in my door right now? it seems that the heated mirror wiring goes all the way to the harness already and just needs connecting?
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You might be able to find a junk yard harness, but it seemed like more work to pull it through. You might even need to remove the door, when I was looking at the best way to run the wire I concluded that the harness is installed in the footwell, going outside before the door gets put on.
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Thanks for the great DIY! I'm planning to install my heated Rexpeed mirrors this weekend and I haven't had a look at the passenger side yet, but I assume the process for adding the wiring is the same or at least very similar?
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