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NonStopTuning Pulley Kit Info, Dyno Charts, User Feedback

Hey all!

As some of you know, and are using on your cars, NST offers a set of lightweight pulleys for the FA20 powered FRS and BRZ...

I've decided to start a comprehensive thread here dedicated to info and feedback regarding these pulleys. I will share some of the technical data regarding these pulleys and ask that you guys add your real world reviews based on your experiences with these parts on your cars. I'm sure the community and your fellow board members will appreciate your feedback just as much, if not more, as the info I can provide.

General Technical Info/Data

The NST Lite series is a designation used for pulleys that are light-weight versions of their OEM counterparts. All NST pulleys are built using High quality 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum and are easily 60% to 70% lighter than steel or cast iron OEM pulleys.

The NST Lite series is designed for owners looking to reduce weight and increase the throttle response of their engines. These OEM-diameter pulleys will neither underdrive nor overdrive the associated accessories, yet lead to great throttle response and improved horsepower numbers in many applications.

The NST CR-Lite Pulley KIT is compatible with naturally aspirated, turbocharged, or supercharged applications, and is compatible with the OEM belt. No belt change is required when this crank pulley is used.

Each NST Scion FRS / Subaru BRZ Pulley is carefully crafted from 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum, tested and balanced to high tolerances. Every NST pulley is hard anodized for exceptional durability and is a great item for use at the track or on the street.

Standard Color: Red.
Custom Colors: Black, Purple, Gold, Blue.


Great weight reduction
- Average of 65% – 70% over OEM
Increased horsepower
- Average of 7 – 10 horsepower
Lower ET’s & higher trap speeds
- Average of .20s & average of 2MPH

- OEM Crank Pulley 60oz
- NST Crank Pulley 12oz

- OEM Water Pump Pulley 22oz
- NST Water Pump Pulley 10oz

- OEM Alternator Pulley 10oz
- NST Alternator Pulley 3oz

For those of you installing these pulleys in the coming weeks, please note: AS SEEN IN THE PHOTOS from our website, the snap rings in these pulleys should face OUT. Just for clarification, there is a correct and incorrect way to install these pulleys.

Thanks all!

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