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Does anybody know A01G hex addresses for codes that come before P0011?
The list in Romraider -> Diagnostic Trouble Codes seems to start with P0011. Codes like P000A, P000B, P000B, P000B and P0010 are nowhere to be found.

On GitHub I've found a definition file that says A01G but it's totally different from my A01G definition file I got from Wayno's website and this definition file just throws bunch of errors when I try to open my ROM.

I've also tried to just use these addresses and add them to my definition file like so
HTML Code:
<table name="(P000A) CAMSHAFT POSITION A  TIMING SLOW RESPONSE BANK 1" storageaddress="11E138" />
<table name="(P000B) CAMSHAFT POSITION B  TIMING SLOW RESPONSE BANK 1" storageaddress="11E144" />
But even with this code added they still don't appear in RomRaider.

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