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I was referring to this more specifically.


I don't know if it must be an expression but that stupid was not pleasant.

Putting that little ending aside, I'm going to tell you what I did.

At the moment I am not going to do anything else, since I have the OEM audio + system again but I will comment on some tests that I did.

The pioneer has an option to completely bypass the rear speakers and only the front and sub are heard. I did an autoEQ with the Pioneer microphone, but in the crosover the front speakers were at full range (it did not seem normal to me), the sub at 80hz and the rear at 125hz (within normal), the equalization was a success when it did. deactivated there is a loss of presence in the media, especially voices and some instruments.

The volume of the front right, co-driver were + 2db, the rear +4 left +3 right. I deduce that the centimeters in delays are correct because a microphone should be more accurate than a tape measure.

The subwoofer activated phase and -3db. I would not know how to tell you but the sound is quite balanced but lacking in weight in the subwoofer.

I managed to configure it my way and get a "good sound", but be sure to try and change options.

I attach some images of my configurations.

The Technical configuration of car-audio shop, without microphones or adjustments by any device

The front cuts are from 100hz to -18db, it does not appear in the image but you can see the slope in the other graphics.

-8db to the front speakers is because, lacking passive crossover, the tweeters screech excessively.

Here we do not apply time correction.

Personal configuration, following some steps of audiofrog.

That configuration is the one that best gave me the feeling that it was offering me, because the other scenes I don't know why the punch was not centered at all, it moved a little to the left while the voices were perfectly centered and coming from the end of the dashboard. , where is that highlight in the middle.

The RTA graph was analyzed with a simple Xiaomi redmi, so it will not be the most accurate, but it gives us an idea of ​​how the system was at that time.

Finally, the last configuration that I have right now is a mix between the sound technician, the autoEQ and the audiofrog. Why? because the subwoofer sounds more to me, the front speakers are at 100hz and do not suffer as much, the delays are respected, the EQ of the autoEQ is respected. Although I like how it sounds more with the previous configuration, I have to say that with the latter it was heard louder and with more presence of the sub.

In short, the autoEQ is quite good and I would recommend it.

Thanks for everything
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