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Obtaining ROM file

Hey received a tune from Delicious but the ROM file is incompatible with my ECU. This is due to the fact that my car is a 2015 car and the ECU is out of a 2014.

This is the error code that I receive:

The Chosen Rom file (US BRZ Manual (ZA1JD00c) ) is incompatible with (US BRZ Manual (ZA1JA01c ) ) and cannot be used. Choose another ROM

The following ROM file versions re compatible with this ECU

US BRZ Manual ZA1J500c
US BRZ Manual ZA1J700c
US BRZ Manual ZA1J900c
US BRZ Manual ZA1Ja00c
US BRZ Manual ZA1Ja01c
US BRZ Manual ZA1Jb00c
US BRZ Manual ZA1Jb01c
US BRZ Manual 2016 ZA1Jf00c
US BRZ Manual 2016 ZA1Jf40c

It is clear to me that I can take the file that I have and copy it over to the correct ROM; however; I cannot download the ROM I need from ecutek due to a "Missing Remote Folder"

Is there anyone out there that could send me the one of these ROM files or knows the fix to the "Missing remote folder" error?
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