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Originally Posted by CSG Mike View Post
Have you ever measured tire temps and pressures mid session? I think the looseness may be a result of your driving style and the spring rates. Based on the video, it seems you use the front tires more than the rears (partially style, possibly as a result of spring rates), causing them to warm up faster.

Just some speculation...
I think that also plays a factor into it, I didn't measure temps of the tires, but I did check pressure. When cold, all four tires were set to 33 psi. After about 6 laps, I checked and the left side front and rear were about 42 psi, and the right front and rear were 38 psi. That told me that the track is much more abusive of the left side of the car, and while I didn't monitor temps, the left side is getting much hotter than the right side. I dropped the hot pressure down to 37psi on all four and went back out. The definitely felt more stable after that. It's something I've got to keep a closer eye on for sure. The spring rates also attribute to the looseness, being 9kg front and 7kg rear. Coming from years of drifting though, I like it loose (eerr, cars that is!) haha.
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