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Originally Posted by ThatYeti View Post
Dark red/wine color would be a nice contrast, maybe add some touches on the mirrors, spoiler, calipers, etc. too

Part of my idea of the entire build is painting the engine bay either 1) all one very unique color that accents well with the pearl white or 2) the entire bay painted "low rider style" with tape fading, scallops and line work. I'm a paint rep for a large distributor so paint is relatively cheap for me to do. I know most people pay no attention to this unless its a "show car" but little details make any car cleaner.

but, one of my color for the bay if it's a single color is the newer Toyota candy-ish red, like on the 20 Camry's. I still think the reds, golds, greys and silvers will go with that ,too.
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