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Originally Posted by MuseChaser View Post
Are you confident of your shifting technique? Have you had another experienced driver drive your car?

When you say, "shifting up to 4th," do mean from 3rd gear after accelerating, or from 5th gear so that you have more power for acceleration?

We have about 90k miles on our '13 FRS and the MT has been great.. no issues at all. It doesn't like to be manhandled, though... it slides into appropriate gears effortlessly, but doesn't like to be forced or slammed into gears that don't make sense for what the engine and wheels are currently doing.

If you're an experienced MT driver, then ignore this... Just checking.

I've only ever owned MT cars in the last 16 years. It happens when I shift from 3rd to 4th at anything over 5k RPMs. At first I thought it was because of user error from being late on the clutch from not being used to this car or being too aggressive but it happens even when I "granny shift" at over 5k RPMs. I did a bit of Googling and it seems there was a slight syncro issue on FRS/BRZ models up to 2015 and a few people have reported getting their transmissions replaced under warranty.
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