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If money isn't an option hit up pure automotive and send them your car for a turn key swap. Then you can reliably make all the power.

E85 if you have access to it is highly recommended regardless of other choices you decide. Just need a flex fuel kit and corresponding tune. and you can reliably make a lot more power and manage heat much better.

The stock 2017+ FA is still fairly reliable up to 225wtq/300whp. More can be done but reliability starts to decrease. I wouldn't go beyond 250wtq/335whp if you want it to last a reasonable amount of time to be able to even enjoy. Depending on how often you drive / how hard you drive having the engine last say 30k miles may be a lot to you or may not be a lot.

a stage 2 shortblock should be able to handle 350whp no problem (with as much reliability as a built engines can be)

people have had mixed experiences with stock MT how you drive is a huge factor especially on clutch and synchros. stock MT is rated at 184 ft lbs, but people report gears shearing around 240wtq, stock clutch around 200-220wtq. CD009 trans swap isn't too difficult to swap, but for your goals MT with a clutch may be fine.

as to how to make the power, and if money isn't an issue, a well setup turbo kit will be much better then a SC for many reasons, but a SC kit to hit up to about 320whp may be a little cheaper and simpler to setup especially if you plan on doing it yourself.

Also the cost and complexity dramatically increases between 300whp or 350whp. going to 350whp you may need trans, driveshaft, axles, shortblock, wheels/tires to put power down etc... whereas 300whp pretty much can slap on most FI kits and FF/E85 tune and good to go, maybe add an oil cooler for really spirited driving, more cooling will be needed if tracking though.

more specific use, budget, specific goals can narrow things down more.
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