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Originally Posted by 86click View Post
Hey y’all. I bought my car couple of months ago and I’m in love with it but also I don’t wanna be left behind when I’m with my friends going for cruises or what not. Yeah I got into this car knowing it’s gonna be slow but IK I can get it fast. Money is not the problem. I don’t daily it. I’m. A truck driver and 23 years old so it’s sitting at home. Only get it drive it on the weekends every couple weeks but I wanna have fun with it.

So I wanna build this car to be Fast. DONT SAY (you got the wrong car then) money isn’t a problem. I don’t really don’t wanna engine swap. Feel like it’s a huge headache but there is always a possibility.

So my question is.
•What can I do to the car to get 300-350whp?
•Turbo or Super charger with e85?
•Do I need rebuild the engine with internal upgrades before going FI?
•What parts I should get?
Fuel injectors, fuel pump, rebuilt transmission, Ect.

Thanks. Let me know what y’all got in mind.

the issue is the stock Bottom end of the car was never meant for boost, so they get really finicky real quick

if money truely isnt an issue id be looking at tearing out the engine, and upgrading the pistons with a lower compression piston ( something like (9:1) and then upgrading the rods to something thatll hold power

after you do that, throw a turbo on the car, and then the next weakest link will be oiling. There's talk about upgrading the oil pump to something with higher pressure, but really we need something to lower cavitation

a better pickup would help, and dont forget an oil cooler

after you get that sorted youd probably need to swap out the injectors and fuel pump for more power. and there are 8 injectors on this car remember.

then the next weakest link becomes the differential. its just a small subaru 7 inch unit. never meant to take a whole bunch of power. the best idea would be a mustang IRS rear end from the newer 2016+ as its an 8.8 ring gear and can take beef'

unless you can make a Nisan R200 or R230 diff fit, those are common, after you get that sorted the next weakest link would be the transmission
I personally like the CDoo9 nissan 6 speed, but you can make a bmw ZF work, or maybe a tko500 if money isnt a problem

now just about the only thing that isnt modified is the interior.

you have to love the car an aweful lot to invest that sort of time and money, but if its up your creek. that's where Id start

MA Performance engine

Killer B Fury Turbo Kit

I personally recommend running nothing bigger than garrett sized GT3071RS, youll need the airflow to spool anything bigger.

Stage 2 Built heads

thats not including an aftermarket ECU, personally I wouldnt run anything less than a Link harness, though Motec would be ideal if money isnt an issue

Motec plug and play BRZ

Throw in things like an upgraded drive shaft, clutch, brakes and wheels and tires, maybe suspension if you get too wallowy with the power on stock suspension. and lets not forget a bigger radiator and intercooler upgrades. Dyno time, custom tuner..
just doing rough math, youd be about 20k into this car to dyno 350 whp

like i said you have to love this car powerful hard to put in that much effort and money
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