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After going to few local autox, I figured some stuff I wanted from my car. One of them was rear stiffness & less flex from the chassis. If that's the case, it gotta be sway right? I went different route. Yes, sway bar will reduce the unnecessary flex and plant the tires to the ground.

I would of went with Hotchiks sway bars... but I wanted to go different route to this, so I asked around and help of few experts, I got myself these.

What are these? First one is Cusco Rear Power Brace and second item is @AVOturboworld Differential Anti-tramp Bushing.

Where they go? Here

Sorry for the crappy pic. It was very cold night and wasn't really wanted to stay in freezing garage to take nice photos. Here are better pics I found in the web

Cusco Rear Power Brace

AVOturboworld Differential Anti-tramp Bushing

Reason I went with both upgrade (I did it different time installing them and testing) was there were unnecessary movement was happening from rear diff. The stock bushing was too soft and it was flexing around, result lost of traction and lost of steering response. I was talking with AVO about this concern, he recommended this. This reduces excess diff movement under power and eliminating wheel hop in the starting line.

Now, diff issue been solved, I needed to get unnecessary movement gone on the rear. I solved this by adding on Cusco Rear Power Brace. This was of trying out to see if it works like sway bar or just a bling. Amazingly, it worked well! Not well as sway, but enough to see the difference.

I would recommend both for people who wish for small upgrade that doesn't change the car's dynamic, but want to reduce the unnecessary movement of the car and sharpen the steering response.

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