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Originally Posted by Colin86 View Post
Anyone have links to recommended remote remote bleeders?
Originally Posted by trd87t View Post

because... well... i just jumped off the deep end yelling *cannon ball*
From earlier in this thread built by @Nitro22:

Originally Posted by Heist View Post
How do you figure not justifying the price? The supercharger is $4350/100hp, while the double d unit is $125/10hp. $43.50 per HP vs $12.50 per HP.

I had a tune done with mine so I can't compare with and without. It's been smooth since I broke in the new clutch. I don't think I'm experiencing any of the jerkiness you're seeing.
It was more the circumstances at that time: I was very happy and content with the CARB tune. I later bought JDL headers and the DT tune to compensate, but found the headers too loud (couldn't hear what little SC whine we get). Now I was back to the stock header, stuck trying to sell off a very lightly used header at a loss and a tune I technically don't need anymore. Ultimately, I'm pretty happy with the DT tune, but having to spend a little bit more to iron out the remaining little problems didn't really sit well with me. Live n learn...

Edit: As mentioned a few posts back, I'm still considering it, so its not like I'm completely writing it off.

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