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Originally Posted by Impureclient View Post
If you let it go without getting the law involved, there's a huge chance they just ignore it. People are jerks. The kid is a jerk because the mom is a jerk.
I have three times where people hit my car(not frs or they might be dead right now) and my van and all three I let it go without calling the police as
they said the would pay for it. The first lady hit me and I didn't call the police that time but she paid for the damages cash. The next two they blew me off.
I will not allow that to happen again since people are jerks...mostly.
In my 2 months old Mitsubishi I was rear ended by a 21 year old driving a lifted pickup truck. My bumper was badly gouged. The kid says there's no damage. I then say I need your insurance. He calls his mom. His mom tells me a sob story that she's out of a job and that she'll pay for the damages.

The initial damages was around $800. She paid that, when they removed the bumper and saw supplemental damage she didn't pay that part. Ignore my calls, no x-mas card, no thank you for not calling the police or her insurance. When I sold my car, even though there was insurance involvement, carfax knew it had been in an accident.

I will never do this again. Insurance cards or the popo gets called in.
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