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Originally Posted by strat61caster View Post
Fine for street use, not fine for OP headed to the track, you got lucky, most cars don't have even camber in the rear,reason enough to pay the $250 for alignment parts even on stock coilovers.
Stock LCAs are *totally* fine for track use, I did 13 track days on them last year, won my time-trialing class (over other 86s and a slew of Hoosiered NA and NB Miatae) and overall championship with COMSCC

I doubt many FT86s will have more than ~0.5 degrees rear camber difference left vs. right, which IMO is not that big a deal. Honestly I wouldn't bother with aftermarket LCAs if I had something like -2.2 on one side and -2.7 on the other, but as it turns out I'm at -2.4/-2.6, which is of course totally fine.
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