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I drove over 10,000 miles in the hot weather as high as 110 degrees to cold as low as -1 degrees freezing condition, along with several autocross events on the weekend with these brake pads. It's time for me to make some review on these pads to my fellow twin owners.

These brake pads work as a double duty pad for daily driving and autocross and have exceed well over my expectation.
They work reliably well for everyday street driving, with added confidence in pedal feel, and resulting in better control.

The W2 provides excellent stopping power for street tires and with significantly less dust than most performance pads of this type. The pads donít fade much in most casual sporting activities, and they lack any of the associated noises or dusting of other typical performance oriented pads. While it isnít a fully geared competition brake pads for road racing circuits, what you get in exchange is all of the better characters of street car pads in terms of life expectancy, wear, reliability and huge operating range. Iíve tested them in variety of climates and conditions, and the W2 pads kept evenly, excellent feel and modulation, to delicately tread snow, or hard brake in the dry.

I would recommend to anyone seeking casual performance pads, which can retain the clean and quiet nature of OEM pads while seeking extended braking control and resistance to fade under mild sporting driving.
Winmax USA does make a very good product according to my needs.

Hope that helps anyone who's looking for new brake pads.
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