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Originally Posted by Brz-123 View Post
How is it holding up now? And have you installed the SC?

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Originally Posted by botbs View Post
Any updates ?

Hey, sorry guys for the late replies.

Yes, i installed the supercharger and ran an entire season last year, about 13 track days on the setup. I never 100% conclusively dialed in a reason for my oily issues, and basically assumed it was just the gunked up PCV not allowing oil to travel correctly, and leaking oil out of the catch can intended to go back into the block. and a loose connection on the PCV hose on the back of the manifold, since it was some home depot tubing from prior owner.

2021 season went great! No major issues all season long. And I'm about to start the 2022 season. Fingers crossed I have another issue free season.

As for this issue, i believe its solved. I am getting oil seepage but, as far as i know, only from the junction in the PCV hose that you're required to cut and insert the Jackson Racing check valve into. Oil is seeping from one of those connections, I suspect because that line is under pressure(boost), and although the pinch clamps are quite tight feeling , they are squeezing rubber and i think when everything is hot, the rubber softens, oil thins, oil escapes.

This is slowly seeping down the hose, onto the top of the block into the same areas (roughly) that i had pictured a year ago.

but its nowhere near as damp or nasty as before. but perhaps in time, it would be. So, I have bought some sleeved worm gear clamps, and I intend to clean up the area, clamp the tubing, and see if it continues to leak, and ideally i see the areas i clean stay dry.

I did remove the intake tube of the super charger and observed evidence of oil in the tube from the intake side (driver side) PCV hose that connects to the intake. it was not as pronounced or as 'drippy' as before, in the pics. it looked more like a oily vapor had been there rather than liquid oil running in. this side of the PCV system was rerouted a bit but not changed really. im not sure the cause of this, maybe its because i didnt use the accusump last season.

I have not removed the manifold to see if its as oily as before, although i am very curious - I am going to leave it alone. im doing a lot of other stuff with the car im busy with, and 'if it aint broke dont fix it'. My tuner says I am not getting enough oil into the manifold/cylinders to cause any sort of combustion issues, so I am content to call it a day for now.

I also ran the entire last season without using the accusump, to see if that changed anything. There's certainly less oil around the places I have checked. so perhaps that could be it. I plan to clean and worm clamp as I said and use the accusump again, and see if i notice any issues.

I'm rambling on - but ultimately i have learned that the things I worried about a year ago were messy and worth fixing, but probably not life threatening to the health of the engine. the old PCV did indeed feel gunked so i am glad i replaced that. I have also not performed any compression or leakdown tests. but the car is running strong

I also learned that a small amount of oil can spread around A LOT, surprisingly so, and appear to be a worse issue than it really is.

I did remove the catch can and do not run a catch can.

my blackstone oil reports are good.

i never concluded about the piston heads appearing wet, or the spark plugs. I have not pulled the new plugs to see if they are wet/oily.

Really, pulling the manifold and plugs would tell me a lot. But I am just busy with other stuff, and now i am content to assume that its either A) dry and fine or B) not actually an issue that its a little oily. after all, the pcv system is designed to put oil directly into the intake tract. i really had no reference on how much oil is good or bad - so many of my concerns were just playing it safe.
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