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Originally Posted by DrVS View Post
Hey guys,
I am looking at a recon 2017 BRZ in KL, any suggestions on pricing? The seller is asking for under RM170k and it is a Japan import with under 40k kms on the dashboard.
Any advise on
a) price
b) what to look for being a recon Japan import with quite low milage
c) what is the typical maintenance costs ?
d) can we use Ron95 or Ron97 is needed?
Thanks a ton guys! Look forward to hear from you all

Have not seen anyone from Malaysia active here for a long time, but here's some answers:

a) Can't really comment on facelift prices, but be sure to get the auction details for the actual condition and mileage if it isn't tampered. Scrut or CarVX can help with that.

b) If you are exceptionally concerned on the condition you can get the car sent to an external mechanic for PPI to confirm.

c) Typically the price of an Altis/Civic, cheaper if you're resourceful on finding your own consumables/spare parts

d) No issues with both, RON97 makes more power.

All the best in finding one!
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