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FRS won’t go into first or reverse?

Hey guys, been trying to study this a bit but can’t find the right thread for a decent answer or someone that has experienced this.

Quick back story, recently turbo’d my FRS and with that wanted to upgrade my clutch to ACT, so it had a stronger clamp, upgraded fork and pivot w/ a lightweight flywheel.

Now that that’s out of the way, the first few hundred miles weren’t anything crazy. Did the whole break in period and serviced the transmission as normal to the fill port. Now after the whole break in period, it’s struggles to sometimes go into first gear and reverse, as if it was rejecting it. And once I finally force it in all the other gears start feeling “sticky” if I play with it until I start eventually moving then everything would be normal until reaching a red light that’s when I have the problem of going back into first and start holding up traffic lol. This doesn’t happen all the time but does happen randomly. Usually not in the mornings but maybe after it’s been running for a bit.

I’m sure with all the upgraded parts maybe it’s changed the geometry of everything? Will adjusting the pedal fix this? Or should I just go to a professional shop to get looked at. I’ve also been told of a “dragging clutch” but have yet to find an answer to fix it. Thanks in advance to anyone who helps!
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