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Originally Posted by DAEMANO View Post
I wouldn't buy either tire. Instead go with any of the 4 listed in this test. Especially if daily driving, wet traction with solid dry performance are your priorities.

If you want more dry performance, then step up one category to TW200 rated tires.
Sorry I'm not really all that interested in a tire category that compromises more for wet traction. I'm perfectly fine with and used to driving in the wet on more aggressive tires. I would also prefer something around the 300 mark due to my current situation. I can pay more if i want to but would simply rather spend a little less money and focus on other things for now (if you have a different suggestion you can let me know).

I'm definitely interested in a tire that is very communicative. which is what drew me to the sumitomos. That treadwear chunking is not that great but if it doesn't last as long i get what i pay for i guess which means a different better tire set in the future (yay!) Might anyone have any experience with the v12 evo 2s? possibly experience with both? I know it's a lot to ask.

Edit: sorry Black Tire, didn't see your full comment before. How did the hankooks feel at the limit? I was at first leaning towards the hankooks since it is true what you say that newer tires are going to be generally better all around which is shown in the tirerack reviews and survey stats as well and the sumitomos look to have been around for QUITE a while but i was a little nervous about when they mentioned that the limit of grip on the hankooks was guite narrow at the peak and harder to deal with. It just makes it difficult because i don't know for certain how bad it really is and whether it's something i could deal with/overcome or whether it really interferes a lot. I know it certainly has better performance, but a bit worried on how refined it is.
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