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Originally Posted by feldy View Post
How long was that log?

The knock events didn't look terrible I thought. It would help to see fuel trims and so forth.
No, they do look very bad, especially for E85. -1 from time to time is expected on any fuel -2 or -3 is not, that indicates the ecu had to continue to pull timing over a duration to stop the "knock event"

Fuel trims are a minor concern when your throwing -2 and -3 feedback correction events.

@swe-gt86 - do you have a fuel tester, do you know for sure what blend ratio you are on? Also, you would do well to post an actual log file as well as the screen shot, there is only so much detail you can see from the screen shot.

Originally Posted by moto-mike View Post
40 degrees of peak timing at WOT is a bit excessive IMO...not that it is necessarily causing your issue but we stopped making power way below that on e85.
Yes, many degrees before that.. 40 degrees is surely beyond mbt and could be to the point of hurting the motor.

Originally Posted by feldy View Post
He had 7 knock events over 13 minutes or so. I had about 17 or so over 30 minute cruise around town and what not. mostly -1 knock. But I did have one instance that it hit -3 and once that it hit -2. Never once did the IAM Value drop infact it kept rising. So my theory and I'm still waiting on to respond to my logs that it wasn't real knock. It was picking up bumps in the road ect and reporting it but the knock sensor was not seeing enough to pull timing?
I have seen an occasional -1 from bumps etc, unless you have some clearance issues (metal on metal) i would be looking for a tune revision to see if it may clear up those events larger than -1.
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