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Newly Built FA20 - Vortech - e85 - Starting Issues

Hey Everyone -

So i'm about 400 miles into my newly built FA (Pistons -12.5:1, Rods, Valve Springs, etc) also am having problems starting the car.

I just recently switched to E85 (have the MotoEast FF kit) and the first tank (about 2/3 E85, 1/3 93) was fine for starts. Never an issue.

Now on my first full tank of E, the car will only start SOMETIMES.

I've been able to get some repeatable results by driving the car (if it started) then coming back, shutting it off, then trying to start it again - and it always fails.

Mechanically - nothing has changed since I went to E85. Everything worked great on 91/93, so I don't think it's a related issue.

I DO have ID1050x injectors and a DW65c pump - but again, those worked fine on 91/93.

I replaced the MAP sensor (no luck), I've checked for grounding issues, and now i'm thinking it either has to be:

A: Real, real crap E85
B: MAF sensor failure
C: Tune issue.

-Car is tuned on Ecutek by MotoEast - Mike's on Vaca till Tuesday.
-I've all but eliminated fuel issues - my pump duty % is 90% when cranking, and does make proper variations when the car is running. The car runs and drives great outside of this starting issue, so if it was fuel, i'd expect problems when under high load/RPM.

Any thoughts?

I have lots of logs (even when it won't start) if anyone wants specific info or has an ideas. I also have a few videos below.


No Start (push and go, prime, etc)

Starts (different day, same process as above)
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