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Originally Posted by NoHaveMSG View Post
Given how they had been racing each other he should have known that he would be fighting with someone over aggressively defending the position.
And that's exactly what led to the crash. Ricciardo saw Verstappen closing the door way late (absolutely a 2nd block) and turned outwards to avoid crashing for the 10th time assuming V was just going to dive for the apex as usual. From my viewpoint, that's really the only thing R could have done under the conditions and maybe it was too late anyway. R might have gotten out of it if his wing didn't wash out from V changing direction a third time to the outside under braking.

The double block is a Verstappen special that's happened quite a few times and the FIA doesn't seem to want to enforce the rule. Problem is, at a certain point the is no way physics will allow you to escape when he surprises you late.
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