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Originally Posted by Tcoat View Post
Well in fairness what is "ugly" is pretty subjective and for every person that thinks a change is for the worse there will be somebody that thinks it is a vast improvement. Much of the dislike of a facelift is related to a subconscious resistance to change. People all the time say "the first model of the XXXX looked the best". Much of that is because the first version was new and exciting but facelifts are just not as much fun to see so the original is held as a higher standard. If this facelift came out first and was what everybody was used to then many would think the current version was ugly if the car was changed to it. It is just the way the brain works.
Cosmetic and body designs change based upon market research, trend analysis and current culture and are not just random events. The people that planned the changes do not live in a cave and just throw random shit at the car those changes are well researched and planned for what the current trend is.

Having said all that I am not convinced I like the change but will have to see the real thing before I make up my mind. I can never tell just how good or bad a car's lines look in 2 dimensional pictures so reserve judgement until I can walk around one.
Excellent points, @Tcoat. A good analogy might be in the music world. Many bands have had incredible, and well-received 1st albums for which they had years to write and lots of material to pick from. Think of how many sophomore albums have been less well-received...mostly due to a more compressed time frame in which to produce them and having the bar set by their first. Only a very few bands have been successful at re-inventing themselves throughout their career to the point that everything after the breakthrough album was considered as good or better. There are a lot of one hit wonders but not a lot whose later efforts are as much appreciated as the first.
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