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Originally Posted by Tcoat View Post
Being a daily driver with just light mods and occasional track use seems to be a pretty consistent theme for the guys saying they have no issues. The definition of "daily driver" may come into play as well since those that seem to drive long distances every day appear to have less issues than those that only drive a couple of miles. I guess these things just like to be actually driven.
I parked mine for ~3 weeks this winter when we were getting tons of snow and the roads were a disaster after the storm that brought down all those trees. There were so many spots that were really narrow and it was just sketchy and people were driving into each other all over the place. When I took it out again there was this crazy crackle coming out of the front end for the first 100 miles or so that slowly went away as it got driven more. There were a few other things like that too that faded as it got used more and more.
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