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Originally Posted by 02.ACCORD.DUDE View Post
I'm at about 92,000 miles and have had no issues.

Up until this last servicing appointment when life got in the way I've been consistent with maintenance (purchased the car with 30,000 miles) - I did change spark plugs around 60,000, could have stretched it a bit longer I think.

For me the car is strictly a daily drive - and I think that'll be the key for you. If the car you're purchasing was heavily tracked or self-modded I'd consider other options as the wear / tear and potential for part failure could be greater than anticipated...

I bought my car used with a handful of cosmetic mods and spent the first few months undoing most of what the previous owner did. The last remaining vestige of their ownership is the car's exhaust - which while nice was installed somewhat shoddily and doesn't sit centered in the bumper cutouts (pisses me off to no end, I've had a few shops try to straighten it when I took the car in for repairs but the fix was always temporary).


Oh also forgot to mention that the clips on my side markers are toast... The driver side marker keeps popping out regardless of what double-sided tape I try to use to hold it in place
Being a daily driver with just light mods and occasional track use seems to be a pretty consistent theme for the guys saying they have no issues. The definition of "daily driver" may come into play as well since those that seem to drive long distances every day appear to have less issues than those that only drive a couple of miles. I guess these things just like to be actually driven.
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