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Raceseng Custom Ashiko and Extender

ALL SOLD!(finally)

Ashiko(SOLD locally) - Yes it's pink. Used for ~2 months, sat in the box for ~6, selling because I wanted to do a cherry blossom style interior but changed my mind after buying this and a shift boot. No dents or paint defects other than a slight chip on the inside bottom from my metal reverse lockout (pictured). Asking $50 shipped within the continental US. Raceseng cover bag will also be included. All in the original box.

Adapter - (SOLD locally) Doesn't look the best but still 100% functional, I highly recommend blue thread locker if you want to ever get if off the shaft again. Not deeply looking to sell this one, I'll most likely own another Raceseng knob in the future. Although if you need it, I'll sell it with the shift knob for an extra $5

Extender 50(SOLD across the pacific lol) - (+2in. to shift knob height and 12x1.25mm top and bottom) Used twice ever. Makes driving more comfortable, just not for me. Small chip near the top, it'll be covered by any shift knob with a cutout for the reverse lockout. Asking $28 shipped. Also in original boxName:  PXL_20200925_200535219.jpg
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