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Let me expand on my experience with Tom's.

I bought mine brand new in the box. I didn't realize at the time that they were manufactured by Depo until they showed up in a Depo box.

Within weeks the black interior plastic started melting away from the top, creating a hole on each side that allows light to escape.

Within a year the first LED stopped working. Four years later I have several dead LEDs.

I expect to replace the entire housings within the next year. I'll probably put them on the marketplace for $20 in case anybody wants them for parts to fix their own shitty Tom's lights.

While they looked fantastic when new, the quality of this shit is about what I would expect from cheap knock-off Depo lights. The problem is that you pay a premium for the Tom's name that isn't justified by the quality.

So again, why the hell would anybody fake Tom's tails when the original quality is shitty and cheap already? Knock-offs from Alibaba may actually be better quality than the "originals."
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