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Originally Posted by extrashaky View Post
As has been mentioned, Tom's parts are manufactured by Depo. Mine actually arrived in a Depo box.

Depo is one of the go-to suppliers for cheap replacement parts that body shops use in place of OEM. A lot of people consider Depo parts to be "fake" since body shops will sometimes charge you or your insurance company for OEM and substitute Depo to make more money. They seem to be generally okay, although I've read that they have more QA issues than genuine OEM.

So with Depo already being the fake parts supplier, and Depo being the manufacturer for Tom's, I wouldn't expect to see many fake Tom's parts. If anybody were going to fake them, it would be Depo. They would just run the same parts without the Tom's stickers and sell them out the other door of the factory.

I would try to test the tail lights before buying. They seem to have a problem with LEDs failing, so these "new" parts may be returns.
um, depo is NOT just an aftermarket/fake parts supplier. they do manufacture housings for OEMs in some cases.

depo does have a separate division that does aftermarket housings for other vehicles...

this is like saying "because toyota makes the camry, all their vehicles are tan, 4-door, bland econo-boxes"
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