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Originally Posted by letmethefuqin View Post
Just Went and Checked,

It Appears to be a MANTIC Stage 1
Originally Posted by Turdinator View Post
This sounds to me like the new clutch is more aggressive than your old one and you need to adjust to it and possibly give it time to bed in also.

This sounds like drivetrain slop. These cars had some even from brand new. How many kms has your car done? It may just need some bushes replaced.

Subaru motors have small, lightweight crankshafts and usually feel more like a lightened flywheel compared to a normal inline 4cyl engine.
Not familiar with that brand but a quick look shows that it is indeed quite aggressive. As Turd says you may need a bit longer "break in" period for it.

If that doesn't do it then like a few have said you could move onto bushings but the most probable cause is what you changed so start with the clutch itself and work back from there.
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