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Originally Posted by letmethefuqin View Post
Ever since I swiped my clutch out it bunny hops like mad in every great change
This sounds to me like the new clutch is more aggressive than your old one and you need to adjust to it and possibly give it time to bed in also.

Originally Posted by letmethefuqin View Post
Iíll drive 10km 9í a straight road in 1st at about 2500
Very light pressure on the throttle and the car feels like itís driving but something slapping back and forth / bouncing
This sounds like drivetrain slop. These cars had some even from brand new. How many kms has your car done? It may just need some bushes replaced.

Originally Posted by letmethefuqin View Post
Also before the gear box and clutch change the car always felt like it had a lightened fly wheel which it didnít, but I felt I had to previously keep the revs up, that seemed to work itís self out after a re tune though I feel
Subaru motors have small, lightweight crankshafts and usually feel more like a lightened flywheel compared to a normal inline 4cyl engine.
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