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Originally Posted by Sam86 View Post
That hub dyno is with stock headers, I believe grumpy said he had aftermarket headers with a 90mm pulley (assuming that pulley is an upgrade over stock since he mentioned it) so his should be reading much higher.

Maybe he has catted equal length headers and was running the fully emission compliant tune??? If that was the case then maybe I could understand. @grumpysnapper what headers were you using?
ACE Club Sport 400 4-2-1 Headers, with a cat, on the original (brand new) standard motor, using ECUTEK.

90mm on 98ron. (closer to 95ron USA)

Dyno each time with high humidity/high temps, a requested conservative tune and cat fitted. 3 different tuners over 2 years on the same (roller) dyno, with that spec.

But furthering my mistrust of dyno numbers, it also allegedly made 428Nm of torque...
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