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Originally Posted by Will BRZ View Post
Fully electric would be amazing. I’ve been lucky enough to drive some really nice hybrids (i8, NSX) as well as some “normal” hybrid cars and they’ve never really excited me I guess they’re cool in their own way and I appreciate the environmentally friendly-ness or whatever, but meh. Topic for another thread, but I’m not sure if I’d ever bring myself to purchase an electric or hybrid car. Not an expert on any of this by any means, but I would imagine an electric FRS would be a beast.

I wouldn’t want a EV 86/BRZ [emoji853] It would be faster, but so much would be missing. Accelerating in a dual motor Tesla 3 is pretty amazing, but it’s so.....numb? Granted I haven’t been able to drive something like the new NSX.

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