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Driving from the south bay to Santa Rosa sucks!

There was an accident on the bay bridge which caused traffic to back up a lot around Oakland. I left my place at 5:30 AM thinking I would have plenty of time to have a quick breakfast in Santa Rosa before starting court at 8:30AM. But NOPE!!!! It took me the full 3 hours to make it to the court house with 5 minutes to spare.

The Judge will make a judgement in the next few weeks. I'm super tired to go into detail about what happened and I need a nap after driving all day. But it should be noted that the Judges reactions along with the reactions of the people in the crowd to Works Motorsports arguments was very amusing! The people sitting behind me had the best live commentary as my case was being heard.

I'm very glad that this part of the process is over. It was much easier this time around than it was the first time.
On 8/20/19 Works Motorsport have sent me their first payment of $450. Only 5 more payments to go.

Follow what happened here:
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