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I've had 5 or 6 silvias, two s13's, there s14's, one s15.

But this was my first, and still my faourite.

Was 2004-2005. No one had really gotten into rear wheel drives or drifting in NZ yet. Everyone was still in evos and stis.

This started as a 200sx (which is a nzdm 180sx) then added s13 front to make it a sil80. Jdm sr20det swap. Turbo and injectors were from an s15. Apexi piggy back ecu. 280hp. Suspension was just some cheap teins. Also had caster arms, rear camber and toe, and that was pretty much it. Wheels are r32 skyline wheels, rattle can black.

I just loved how simple that car was.

le sigh
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