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Fuse #4 Taillights Keeps Blowing

I have looked at the other forums on this topic and nothing seemed to help. But, long story my taillight fuse #4 keeps immediately blowing when I switch on the headlights. I unplugged everything I thought was running the same circuit. (Taillights, license plate lights, headlights, side markers) The fuse still blew. I have a good amount of modifications done, aftermarket headlights and taillights, replaced flasher relay for led turn signals. I completely removed the 4th brake light/backup light and donít have that wiring connected to anything, but I thought that runs on a different circuit? I havenít rewired the DRLs for my headlights but I didnít think that would affect my tails either. Iíve left my side markers unplugged for a while but re-plugging them in didnít fix the fuse either. No condensation, all bulbs seem to be in good condition. I'd like to see if there are any other simple things that could be the issue before I start tracing through all of the wiring. Thanks.
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