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DIY-Replacing Rear View Mirror/Hardwire Radar Detector

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT responsible for any damage you may do to your car.


Pull the rubber molding down around the door frame

Pull the top of the A-pillar trim towards the center of the car. You will see this:

These green clips need to come off:

Rotate 90-degrees with a pliers, and work them out. They can be tough.

Remove the 2 screws holding the visor in place

Using two flat-head screw drivers, push in the slots to pop the clips holding the visor mount in place. You do NOT need to push hard!

Repeat on other side.

Remove the light

This is the adapter you'll need. I bought it off eBay:

Remove OEM mirror by twisting the base 90-degrees, then sliding down.

Remove OEM clip

Replace with clip from kit

Slide in piece

Put base on, and attach with screws

Pull down the head liner. NOTE, there is a white clip visible once the light comes down. Use your fingers to carefully detach it.

Look in the headliner. Thanks to ft86club member tonystewart pointing out, there is already a wire harness available. It is held in with blue tape.

There are 3 wires.
Blue: (+) Reverse
White: (+) Positive
Black: (-) Negative

Connect your wires for your mirror and/or radar detector according to the installation manual

Tuck the wires back up, and re-install all the stuff you took down. Once done, slide your mirror on and tighten the screw.

I used a short wire cover that was cut even shorter to hide the wires

Finished product
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